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Frequently asked questions

1 - Why Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural?

A: We have a body of engineers specialized in structures, offering peace of mind regarding the stability and durability of your building. We work with the BIM methodology that allows for detailed planning of the work, allows you to visualize your work in 3D before it even starts and is widely used abroad. In addition, we have knowledge and apply construction and design standards not only in Brazil, but in the United States and Europe, providing even more quality to our customers.

2 - What are the regions where Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural operates?

A: We offer project development services throughout Brazil, the United States and Canada.

3 - Are there packages of services offered?

A: Yes. We offer everything from unique services to combinations between them in order to meet your needs. Service packages have progressive discounts, that is, the more services contracted, the greater the discount.

4 - How do the online services offered work?

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A: In the case of contracting services that can be performed remotely our meetings will be through an online platform, such as Google Meets or Zoom. However, even such types of services require at least one visit by the engineer to the place where the work will be carried out, in order to guarantee the quality of the final product delivered to the customer.

5 - Which documents will I receive?

A: All of our services are delivered containing projects, execution details and a list of materials. These documents ensure that your work has economy, safety and durability, as all information about the execution and materials will be ready even before the work starts, avoiding unforeseen events. It's like putting your destination on the GPS before going on a trip.

6 - If I contract projects and have doubts during the execution, what do I do?

A: After the delivery of our projects, we offer free advice to our clients during the entire period of the work, including periodic meetings lasting one hour (if necessary), in order to guarantee the proper execution of the structures calculated in the project. Our projects are like children to us and, just like every parent, we want our children to succeed.

7 - Will I have difficulties with approval of the work at the city hall or in my condominium?

A: Absolutely not. All our projects are prepared taking into account the laws of your municipality and your condominium regulations, when applicable. Even in cities where we do not operate yet, it is the engineer's responsibility to read and incorporate into their services the design guidelines for where the work will be carried out.

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