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Recovery of Structures

Cracks, fissures and settlements are some of the most common pathologies and defects that can be mentioned in buildings carried out in Brazil and which occur in the early years of the construction's use.


They are usually caused by a project or execution of questionable quality, including lack of soil surveying, lack of quality control of materials and workmanship, failure to investigate the work's surroundings, lack of planning, among others.

These are defects that must not be accepted by the user and require attention and care, as these defects may indicate the ruin of the building.

To avoid even greater damage, it is necessary to recover the structure, in order not only to remove the pathologies present, but to prevent them from returning, ensuring the safety and durability of your project.

Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural offers expert services and analysis of damaged structures, in addition to recovery projects and execution of procedures proposed to remedy the present structural damage.

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