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Founded in 2020 by the specialist structural engineer Pedro Aguiar, Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural seeks efficient and fast practices, consolidating the trust of its customers through technical and direct service, aiming to promptly meet all demands, whether residential, commercial or industrial.
Our commitment to deadlines is indisputable, as our customer's time is very valuable to us.


Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural seeks to offer the safest and most economical structural design and execution for the client's architecture, following the precepts of Brazilian standards, and in some cases of international standards, in order to ensure the durability and stability of your project.
Our main objective is to deliver our projects and works as complete and detailed as possible, in order to ensure a smooth execution, thus avoiding improvisation during the development of the building, striving for quality and meeting the needs of our customers.


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We do not work exclusively with structural projects, but also with compatibility between disciplines such as architecture and hydro-sanitary and electrical installations. With this, we seek the most complete solution for projects and work executions for our customers, using the most modern methods and technologies to optimize our processes.
In addition to the projects, we provide technical support from the first contact until after the project is occupied, seeking to guarantee the quality, durability and safety of our services for our customers.

Why choose Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural

A building is always the fulfillment of some dream, be it your own home, your leisure place, your commerce or industry, your clinic, among several other ideals that we aim to achieve.

A poorly designed or poorly executed construction can cause problems in the first few years of use, such as cracks and crookedness, bringing an impression of carelessness to your project.

Hire a company specialized in structures to carry out your projects and works. Aguiar Engenharia Estrutural uses the most modern technologies for projects and executions in order to meet even the highest construction standards.

Contact us, request a quote.

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